Timer_q documentation -- namespaces

The library itself claims /^timer_q[a-z0-9_]*$/i as a namespace.
Saying that all types are under...


...all other global symbols (Ie. functions/variables) are under...


...and all CPP symbols/constants are under...


...this is mainly to make it easier to see what you are dealing with. Also...


...is used for all the functions to do with manipulating timeval structures.

As far as trying to claim bits of the namespace back for yourself all the typedefs that aren't under the /^Timer_q_typedef_[a-z0-9_]*$/ namespace can be switched off by #define'ing TIMER_Q_COMPILE_TYPEDEF to 0 -- they will all be uninons or structs and so will be available under those namespaces. Ie.

#include <timer_q.h>

struct Timer_q_base *global_base = NULL;

This is of esp. note to library authors because all header files _MUST_ use the struct/union namespace (or people won't be able to use your library if they #define TIMER_Q_COMPILE_TYPEDEF.

All of the namespace where a double _ appears is not supposed to be used directly by _you_ the user of the library. If these interfaces change and it isn't visible via. the normal interfaces then the binary/source interface numbers will _NOT_ be changed on the library.

James Antill
Last modified: Tue Apr 11 09:46:57 EDT 2000